Welcome to selfdomotics.com. Take a look to our experiments to learn how to control your home with simple and cheap components, keeping the full control of everything is happening.


In our projects and experiments we will manage electric power. It is dangerous so please, in case you do not have experience, we suggest you to ask support from somebody with such skills. Even if you are experienced, remember always to shut down the main switch, to close electric power in your house when working with these stuff, and be sure the electric circuit of your Home is protected with a residual-current circuit breaker. Such automatic switch protects you in case you forgot to shut down the electric power.

For the ones living in Europe, we remind you home electric circuits are quite for sure certified by a professional electrician. If you change the circuit in you home, your certification will be no more valid. Just be sure you are aware.

All examples in this site are provided as is, we are not responsible for any problem or damage created in case you will try to implement our suggestions or projects.



I have not a specific background in electronics, but I put my passion in these stuff and with some friends with a more specific always available to answer my  basic questions (thanks Federico!), together with my experiences in building up network and systems infrastructures, I achieved some interesting results I want to share with you, because in these months of experiments It was hard for me to find some structured and reliable information. I hope you will enjoy all these work.


You can contact me via email using marco (at) boniardi.org