Remotelight – step 4 – Hardware

In our example we will have a room with 2 independent lights, one controlled by 2 switches, the other controlled by a single switch.

We will use Nodemcu pin 1, 2, 5 to read switches and pin 6 and 7 to pilot the relays. This is the general design:

We have 3 possible choices for assembling our project:
– Experimental bread boards: very easy to use, not stable because connections are “temporary”, very easy to change, usually the result is often a little messy. No need of solder.
– Prototype boars, Tinned Universal experimental boards: practical, you need a little of soldering experience, stable result, flexible in case of changes
– printed circuits: you need to design in advance non changes allowed, expensive, soldering experience needed, clean result

We decided to use an experimental board.

What you need:


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